What We Do

Insanely Great UX

Enhancing library user experience (UX) and demonstrably growing library digital media is at the heart of our service offering. We humanize digital media by removing barriers to - and optimizing opportunities for - insanely great UX. And that’s critical to libraries' digital relevancy. LDRI® is the dashboard/scorecard platform to grow your library's relevancy—and a privacy-sensitive window on the progress of progressive libraries in the LDRI® network.

Make Shift Happen

With major technological disruption comes massive change. And massive opportunity. We help future-proof libraries by enabling a culture of innovation that leads to increased agility and adaptability. Staff are engaged and motivated to be part of the change—and your patrons will love your new relevancy in their lives.

Redefine Brand

In a digitally socialized world, brand is the sum total of the stories your library's patrons share about their experience of your library's offerings, service and communications. Shaping and protecting your library's brand requires a new, experimentative approach. We help you help your brand, to kickstart your community outreach, programming and media initiatives—measurably, simply, transparently.

Lift your library's digital efficacy

Properly defining digital metrics is only half the battle. Installing effective measurement systems together with powerful dynamic reporting dashboards and industry-wide comparator scorecard is essential to bridging the relevancy gap. You'll know where you are—and what your community thinks: daily, weekly—any time at all.



we kill assumptions

We collaborate with our library clients to co-create contextual data solutions that profitably defy received wisdom. Data discovery leads new thinking, migrates library culture, and bridges the gap between you and your community's digital presence.


We don't predict the future (nobody can); we design and build data-driven scenarios that profile risk and identify emerging opportunities—we literally pull the future into the present for our library clients and their communities.

shared stories

We think in value networks born of shared stories: there's far more to human interaction with libraries than mere transactions around physical books—libraries lend experiences. And we believe shared story is the cultural language of our time, the driving force behind your community's appetite for new library experiences.

optimized UX

Storytelling UX that actually incites people to do stuff...measurably. Across your library's digital offerings, from mobile to tablet to email campaigns to desktop and catalogue search engine optimization (SEO). Not only will more people interact with your library, you'll find they'll share more and more compelling stories about your successes.


Who We Are

We are a team of professional data marketers, veteran library innovators and UX specialists who truly understand the power of shared storytelling and its incredible wealth of emergent data to simplify your digital media strategy and measurably lift interactivity with your community. Goodbye failed Facebook campaigns—hello real growth in community reach and actionable intelligence.